완전히 맞춤화된 DF 2.1로 퍼트를 만드는 것은 훨씬 더 재미있습니다.

DF 2.1은 LI 각도 밸런스(L.A.B.)를 사용합니다. 극도로 안정적이고 지나치게 큰 맬릿 디자인을 갖춘 기술입니다.
DF 2.1 Custom은 암 잠금 장치 및 빗자루 옵션을 포함한 사용자 지정 옵션을 모두 제공합니다.



We know… it looks a little funny. DF 2.1 users often spend the first few holes catching flak about the way their putter looks. And as the putts keep falling, they spend the rest of the round fielding questions from their playing partners about why it works so well.

How It’s Made

All DF 2.1 putters are manufactured and assembled in the USA. They’re crafted from precision forged 6061 aircraft aluminum and then undergo a heat treatment to ensure consistency. Finally, they’re 100% CNC milled to their finished shape.

Custom Fitting

The most important aspect of every L.A.B. Golf putter is determining the optimal lie angle for a golfer, which is accomplished through either an in-person or remote (online) fitting.

Unsure about your lie angle? Email us a Remote Fitting Video, and we’ll let you know which Lie Angle is best for your stroke.

Alignment Markings

Choose from 36 different alignment markings with the DF 2.1 Custom.


To optimize the performance of a DF 2.1, we recommend it be paired with Press Grips that have 3 degrees of forward tilt: either the Press II 3 Degree, Press 1.L, or Press OG 3 Degree.


Shaft options for the DF 2.1 include the FST Tour (Black and Silver), BGT Stability, and the BGT Stability Tour. Arm-Lock and Broomstick models are also available.


Purchase includes White DF 2.1 Headcover.


  • Finish: Type-3 Anodized (Black, Blue, Red). Electroless Nickel Plating (Nickel).
  • Length: 28-48 inches. Arm Lock and Broomstick models available.
  • Loft: 3.5 degrees static loft (0.5 degrees effective loft).


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